Author Topic: Roll Call (How has your life been?)  (Read 3873 times)

Im here for my yearly post and lurk around.

I miss being on a forum like this, especially since it filled the void when my old counter strike clan shut down their forum back in 2016/2017~.
Discord has been a wonderful piece of software though I can't complain about it.

How are y'all holding up? It's good to see a couple of old faces still around lurking in the dimly lit halls of this place.

2020/Covid in general honestly allowed me to get a serious hold of what I wanted to actually do with my life, and got me out of a really rough patch in my life. I'm becoming a commercial pilot now and I'm a little less ass at playing a Guitar, so I guess that's cool.

Did any of you experience the same thing or are you just living the same normal life from before? Reach any big life milestones lately?

Anyways, see y'all next year. Or until this place finally gets 404'd.

the biyearly oldies reporting in thread

welcome back, for however brief it will be for.

i just give the blf a once-over on my phone on the toilet

i'm at a loss at what to do until the next school year begins

I graduated college recently. Here and there making content once in a while.

Can't decide if i wanna remain in the unit or hit that sweet sweet gr7 for mp.