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a BLB version of that JVS keyhole brick.
closedcw is no key, opencw is key in, openccw is key turned, and closedccw (for if you have the addon to use it on its own) is turned the other way.
i know this configuration doesn't make much sense but it's so you can still easily use it without the closedccw event
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Do you specifically want it to turn the key clockwise on openccw?

yeah, if the default events are only going to let people use 3 of the 4 states i'd rather have the ones you can use be no key, key in, and key in turned and have the one locked behind an add-on be a less useful one even if it means the setup being a little weird

Once im done reinstalling windows ill take a look at it. Just posting this to confirm it wasnt already done.

Computer had been up, installing blender tomorrow. Will start looking at it then, forgive the wait.

Started working on it today

Exported z wrong, bound box is wrong too. Other than that it should be done in a day or two depending on when I start working on it again.
This is my first brick, let alone door, so forgive the learning curve. If you or army want to work on it please dont feel like I called dibs on this project, Im just trying this as a learning exercise.

models taken from certain frames of Content_Phydeoux in case you are wondering. Ill make a version without the tag too. Just a question, did you want the key and lock entry colored like in the original mod or not?

this would be cooler if it was a lock for the key items instead

i'd prefer if it wasnt just the ugly ass old jvs model ported

a BLB version of that JVS keyhole brick.
Im sorry I misinterpreted your post.
Im no modeler, any ideas?

if you model it i can export it