Author Topic: engine feature request: use default IFLs from addon  (Read 1266 times)

so lets say i want to have a custom player model playertype and it's correctly inheriting all the default armor stuff and works fine
you have two choices:

have your model be named m.dts, inside the addon, have your own IFLs, force dl them with a support script
* supports stuff with "./m.dts" checks like default appearance scripts, physicsdeath, slayer uniforms
* works right out of the box
* no non-default faces/decals
* have to hackily send ifls with a support mod

or have the model be named something other than m.dts (without replacing it), and paste it into the player shape folder in base, like how medrp and despair fever do it

* supports custom decals/faces
* supports decals/faces at all without forcing clients to dl the ifls
* have to manually stuff up your base folders with more files
* youre gonna have to go and edit every single one of those addons to support your new model filename buddy

both of these suck, can there just be a way to make the game load the default IFL files from its base folder without having to rename the model and put it there please
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