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Author Topic: What's the appeal of medieval rp's?  (Read 7919 times)

can we have another zombie rp

zombie rps are always the most fun if you got a good map

zombie rps are always the most fun if you got a good map
they really are.

I'd like medieval RP's more if they had more to do

every one I've tried, feels like a super basic slayer minigame with some RP chat and nothing else, kinda boring TBH

whenever i join medrp i just walk around empty towns for 20 minutes, find the one other guy in a 500km radius (some guard with a stupid name and title thats probably 11), try to interact and get killed immediately because all the people in positions of power in this server have the patience of a popsicle stick (probably why the towns are so empty)

i liked servers like brighton and snowblight and stuff because the map wasnt so forgethuge that you could actually meet other people to interact with (around the end of its life the og brighton's map got made hugenormous and became really unfun because it went from a cozy little town to a giant loving empty field of forest and nothing, i dunno about the new brighton but if its anything like that other rp he made after og brighton its probably the size of a third world country and about as developed as one)
the only fun i've ever had in medrp is when i found a group of other dumbasses to interact with and we went to crusade to the king to kill him and got immediately admin sitted when we succeeded (lmao)
i miss servers like that, my favorites are probably that really cool metro server and that stalker zone server, both of which were only hosted for like a couple days before sinking back into the blockland mist never to return
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miss martial law so bad though i wouldnt consider it an RP

Being a Helpless Beggar and generally bothering the stuff out of everyone is pretty fun