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i've only ever managed to fully "join" three communities in my entire life, Blockland being #1, and the other two were not nearly to the same extent as this game.
at one point i was spending every single day of my life in this game and on these forums, 24 hours a day, talking with Blockland friends ingame or on MSN Messenger.
my life completely fell apart not long after finding this game, and being home schooled at the time, this was the only place i had to socialize and feel "at home".

so for years afterward, Blockland would be where i literally and metaphorically called home, and for that i will always feel some sense of belonging here- even though the community i knew has moved on and i don't really have a place anymore.
logging into the game and joining a server feels like driving back to the old neighborhood where you grew up and feeling a melancholic nostalgia seeing new and old faces, new and old houses, new and old roads, feeling like you've moved on physically but never really left mentally.

this is pretty much the only online community i've ever gotten into as well

closing in on a decade o_O

this is my only community as well lol

its the only community ive consistently been in where im actually somewhat relevant

Crap, never thought about it before either, but other than the Nintendo hacking scene this is the only community I’ve felt I’ve belonged.

the building, the eventing, and the mods. there are so many neat things you can do in blockland it's a wonderfully creative sandbox game

all the homunculus beings in plain sight

The feeling of guilt of never finishing past projects.

plus nostalgia too I guess.

simple; I just get nostalgic every few months, fire up the game, and wistfully look at a server list that I can't scroll anymore

I stay because this game was my childhood, I remember being sat at school drawing the Blockland player in my books and I couldn't wait to get home and play Blockland aha, I miss the good old days launching bedroom, kitchen or slopes and having fortwars :,) Opening RTB IRC and seeing whos online to join my server aha. My first day on blockland building a noob city and giving some random person admin and him destroying my whole build.

I stay here because you litrally have the freedome to litrally do and make anything you want. How easy it is to make add-ons and download vehicles, bricks, weapons and other server sided mods. I just hope that the day never comes that the game will die completely because then I'll be sad. This game brings a tear to my eye when I see the server list with less than 10 people on when 10 years ago it use to be over 10x the amount

I'm confused that I have Ad Bot.

I don't even play anymore, I just browse the forums, engage here and there in a thread or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. To be honest I thought Brickadia would be the final nail in the coffin but that game was full of nonces apparently...

I'm not the type of person that picks up a game only to never play it again. I just don't tend to get bored playing video games. I was always one of the first to join a server and one of the last to leave. I would spend maybe 2-4 times the amount of time on a server than the average player. I guess I have a high tolerance for repetition.

When I play a game for years, I don't usually stop playing it. I still play Pokémon Emerald regularly, a game I got when I was in kindergarten. I've spent so many hours on this game and I refuse to leave. I couldn't make myself leave even if I wanted to. I always had so much fun when I played this game. I look back fondly at all of the memories I made, and I have little to no regrets. I try my best to relive the glory days.

I'm currently making builds, 3d models, and learning how to script, which is definitely helping me stay interested.

I thought about starting a new topic where you post old screenshots and give the date, time, and the name of the server they were taken on. I think it would be a great way for the newer players to see what Blockland used to look like, and a chance for older players to remember things they may have forgotten.

spent too long in game and on the forum as a kid so it has cemented itself in my brain. I like to look around and see what people are doing with whats left of the forum
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its cool to come back and see what happens in the community every now and then. i make plenty of blockland art in blender bcus its feels nostalgic and nice to make up stories and paint them in 3d like i used to as a kid while roleplaying