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I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this to. I remember playing Brickadia a few months ago, while graphics are impressive, I don't like the general direction the game is going for. I left a few months ago also so I'm not sure what has been updated or anything has been updated. I'm currently a moderator on the Block Party discord though there hasn't been any activity lately from it sadly.

And I thought to myself, what if I take a spin at making my own block game? Sure, there would be a huge challenge to overcome when making it, but at least its soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning new to try out to get my programming skills even higher than right now.

So if I were to make a block building game like Blockland, what would you guys want in it? And a few more questions, what should the modding language be and what would be the prefer engine to run the game? Thanks!


do not do torque, garage games, etc

do not do torque, garage games, etc
and why might this be?

Do not do tourque, it is old and uses alot of non standard file types that may not suit your workflow.
Don’t listen to unreal hype unless you are a dedicated unreal developer.
I vote for unity as you can make it moddable easier than unreal and it’s cross platform if that matters. 10x easier to learn IMO.

I’d personally like to see a 1:1 remake with a lot of qol built in.
If you want to make a lego game go for it.
If your trying to make blockland prioritize making it moddable from the beginning. Postpone this and you become another brickadia.

I’d be willing to help when I can if you want, have familiarity with both unreal and unity but haven’t really done anything in a couple months.

Posting your progress to a audience, even if small, is vital to not getting burnt out in the early stages of development. I think most of us here have started a similar project but few of us have had the motivation to finish it.

Good luck. And when all else fails, learning more skills in the engine you chose is all that matters.
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torque 3d is somewhat modernized though and fbx is a loving disaster anyways. it's also open source + mit

don't do torque for the love of god

godot is open source and not as old and crusty as torque

- transferrable non 0 portion of 15 years worth of community knowledge and content
- 50% of all the systems required for a blockland clone literally already implemented

- trendy

also depending on the mod, could literally be used in a blockland t3d port directly without any modifications

that said, ts sucks massive stuff as a scripting language and it would be nice to have actual arrays for the love of god also not broken number handling

ts arrays are god like