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the website neopets, which miraculously has never cycled playerbase and maintained many of their original players (meaning the main base are 20 something year olds), has run out of ideas to monetize.
who set this in motion is a mystery, but it's probably a dusty suit wearing executive. Neopets, or "NFTopets" are a new take-over for the virtual pet website.

i adored this website as a kid, and while my last pet was made in highschool, i have kept up with it a bit. mostly through the Neostalgia podcast and the subreddit. unfortunately, because of this ive been a first row spectator of the probable last breath of this piece of internet history.

not only is the NFT-ification happening, there are other important things happening which ill talk about first. if you want to read more, theres links at the bottom.

there is a separate 'team' set up for the management of the NFTopets, called the neopets metaverse. however, this group has proven itself to be little more than misogynistic highschoolers. im not overreacting, as you can see in one of their tweets above, but it does not end there:
here you can see a swamp monster called 'xBunny' pointing out the instagram of a minor in discord and bragging about getting paid for something (who really knows)

the next part i want to mention is, who is also the twitter account that shared the previous link. Jellyneo for the uninformed is a third party website made by fans that makes the game playable. it is like a wiki, it holds all the items and what not.
i put a link to that website at the bottom as well if you want more information. they have, in protest to NFTopets, gone through a sort of 'blackout'.

there's much more going on, and its only been a couple of weeks. i highly recommend looking through the link i put in bold text below.
you may think now, so whats the price of a NFTopet, whats the deal? well take a look at how jellyneo's nfts page lets you generate a free nft with accurate pricing, too.
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nfts are loving abysmal and every crypto nerd who is convinced these things are worthy of spending hundreds and even millions of dollars to also hurt the environment more deserves to get stuffed in a locker for the rest of their lives

i'm honestly not surprised neopets decided to jump into the trend lol, they desperately need the money to keep their broken website alive

mad youre not making free money

mad youre not making free money
im fortunate enough

i'm honestly not surprised neopets decided to jump into the trend lol, they desperately need the money to keep their broken website alive
for how broken it rlly is, they did manage to make an alright mobile app

nft's are fundamentally a gta san andreas free money exploit
upload a jpeg of your artwork and scam people into buying a place on a blockchain saying "i own copy #89498 of this online jpeg!!!" when they dont even have copyright to it
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crypto nerds looked at closed species adopts and thought "how can we make this worse"

all I know about neopets is a friend had one of those little handheld egg things, it had the cutest little panorama scene in it, I wanted one so bad haha.