Author Topic: Is it legal to work two jobs at the SAME time?  (Read 386 times)

Get this.

I got a new job a few months ago thats primarily a desk job. I just unlocked the ability to work from home.
With my current technology, I can access my home computer from just about any computer, which can then access my work computer.

And now heres the other part. I can still work at my old job whenever I want. This old job is 95% downtime. I have access to a computer there.

So now... Can I work at my new job AND my old job at the same time, basically doubling my wage? Id literally be making like $42 an hour doing this shenanigan. Is this legal or just like a "lmao dont do that bud" sort of thing?

This is not legal advice.

My guess is that if one of them found out they would just fire you (and maybe contact the other employer). This isn't a crime.

its not illegal, theres no law saying you can't work two jobs.

but theres also no law that prevents your company from firing you for working two jobs, so i'd just keep it on the down low if you suspect that they might

smh companies just dont respect the hussle

a nice zany scheme. tell us hilarity ensues afterward

Yeah, previous posts put it perfectly. No laws against it, or saying that you specifically can't. However if either of your two jobs found out, they would definitely be pissed and most likely fire you.

when you get caught they'll see how much of a hard worker you are, and reward you with a pay raise in both jobs at the same time

the one thing that definitely can have legal repercussions is conflict of interest, eg if you work two jobs in two competing companies, both will sue you if they ever find out

that and NDA and ownership to work you complete during time that you're supposed to be working for them. the expectation usually is if you're billing them for a certain number of hours, you are working for them - if you're paid a salary then that's a non-issue as long as you complete your assigned work. that said Ibrown town and this is just what i vaguely remember from reading random stuff on the internet over the years

i suggest looking at your employment contract to confirm whether or not they can/will take legal action, im pretty sure most companies have a stipulation on this somewhere.
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it is strictly illegal look up the blue waffle law to learn more

it is strictly illegal look up the blue waffle law to learn more

For some reason I'm sceptical, this feels like some sort of Rick roll