Author Topic: Haven & Hearth - Again  (Read 99 times)

There has been a few more updates with some quality of life changes big notes are:

Farming with a scythe  farms a 2x3 area in front of you. In another patch planting seeds were made the same
Death now pops open a menu that lets you toggle between the a couple of choice actions to perform as soon as you can. In another patch this now happens EVEN IF YOU ARE LOGGED OUT.

If you felt the game was rough before QoL changes seem to be coming and quickly.

If you're interested in playing let me know and I can set up a location nearby to my town and feed you items to catch up.
If you're new to the game you'll be fairly protected so you shouldn't have too many troubles.

It wiped on 4/2. Figure I just mention it for those whom might not have noticed but want to play this world.

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