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What are your biggest regrets on Blockland?

Mine is probably not saving bricks on servers more and not taking more screenshots

yeah pretty much the same here. i wish i had saved bricks more often on servers i built on.

Playing more when it was more populated. I used to play Blockland a lot when I was young but as I got older I only played rarely, just on and off for a few years. Before I knew it the playercount started taking a nose dive and all the cool server hosts moved on to other things. Also not changing my in game name to my forum name before Badspot turned off name changes

not making enough machinimas

Same with playing it more when it was populated.
Racked at least over a thousand hours 2018-2020 but estimate only a couple hundred hours for the pre v21 versions.

Started modding too late

My only regret in the game itself is not spending enough time building. 99% of my playtime has been richarding around in default saves and never learning how to actually make soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning detailed. Now that Brickadia is in open Alpha I have zero skills to translate over.

I also have plenty of forum regrets:
  • Every post I made in IRL pictures
  • Misrepresenting Sunstone and inadvertently pushing people away from it
  • Being hostile towards literally anyone with a ban history, or anyone I deemed as a 'problem user'
  • Miscommunicating my politics and paraphrasing things I didn't fully understand
  • Assuming I was universally hated and making a drama thread about it that didn't address anything
  • Picking this username despite having two opportunities to change it
  • Spending too much time on the forum in general. It reached unhealthy obsession levels, especially in 2014

I don't think anything I did here is incriminating to me today, but it still haunts me.
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Started modding too late
also me

managed to catch the coattails of the heydays with prison break and minigolf and casino royale but man imagine if i started a few years sooner

not learning to build or mod back in like 2014/2015

not buying it in 2012

i guess getting too damn clingy to this forum back in 2016

not buying the game immediately after hearing about it (at least 3 years before i actually did)
not attempting to try modding in the slightest, since i was afraid of code back then. of course i would try again now, but it's a little too late, isn't it?
not finishing my builds of tf2 maps

This is kind of just a general problem I have but it’s keeping in touch with friends. There’s a few I would be interested in catching up with just to see where they went and reminisce.

Not tracking Wizard down when Diggy lost MetroRP when his computer died back in 2011. Backstory: Wizard was hosting MetroRP at the time, therefore had the only copy of the mod. Sure, I did end up tracking Wizard down in 2014, but it was really too late by then.

And if you want some spy kid info on how I managed to track Wizard down, I googled their AIM username, which linked to a forum profile on a different website, which then had a section listing people who visit that profile, which then had a profile with a username very similar to Wizard and bingo. Also, not possible to do now since AIM doesn't exist anymore and that stuff isn't displayed.

buying blockland

R.I.P $9.99