Author Topic: I went and got a job yesterday as an electrician  (Read 362 times)

So if anyone needs electroshock therapy I might be able to help out, after I do some testing on myself.

also just a heads up that it's always possible my personality could become shockingly different, but it's very unlikely because I feel like I'm mentally pretty well grounded.

Anyway this is definitely a positive thing because my currant situation was only going down hill and I was feeling more and more negative.

That's awesome. Electricity scares the stuff out of me.

does it make your hair stand on end?

Sounds like dangerous work, you must get real charged up while on the job, especially with any of that high voltage stuff, but i'm sure you've got the energy to persevere

I know my brain would short circuit if i had to conduct such things

can you make my amp go to 11

Nice dude. I lay out the electricity plans for buildings. Power/lighting and stuff.

Welcome to Zap Town

I'm good on electroshock therapy, already did that while jumpstarting my truck. Congrats on the job though

if you're about to get hit with electricity, bend over so your butt is what gets shocked- the electricity will go to ground by your legs rather than through your chest organs and brain
totally valid advice
also don't pee on electric objects

Your degenerate cousins on the block forums are proud of you, sir.

thanks all I feel real charged up now

i keep misreading "job" as "jab" and every time im like wtf he had to become an electrician to get vaccinated?

nope no vaccine required

Nice job! Don't be afraid to ask for help should any wires get crossed.