Author Topic: [GSF]Ghost passed away last year  (Read 9710 times)

stuff, and we didn't know for almost a year about this. 

stuff, and we didn't know for almost a year about this. 

Can't believe this

I'm truly in disbelief and in shock, GSF Ghost clearly shaped the world of Blockland community for the past decade. I remember years ago talking with him a lot on his server about his creations. May he rest in peace.
GSF you will truly be missed and stay in our memories forever. Farewell, my friend
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so many core blockland memories inside of ghost's maps. he was such a saint to everyone in this community and I hope his family knows how much of a huge impact he made on all of us. rest easy, brother.

aw forget. i played basically all of his maps when i still only had the demo version of the game. really helped get pass the brick limit. gonna have to go revisit them soon. sad to hear about this.
That's really sad; I enjoyed reading the bible verses he integrated into his V20 map descriptions...He's home now.
i also forgot about these, resurfaced some summer memories.
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Damn, this makes me sad. Ghost was one of the most legendary players, and provided content that gave BL players probably 10,000+ hours of fun combined.

....what  D;

another blocklander taken from us at a relatively young age, this is truly heart breaking. [GSF] Ghost was an amazing person and a legendary modder for our community

GSF did not die he just went home. may God be with him now. what an absolute G.

one of my first memories with bl was getting my dad to help me install his vice city map and he had to read through blf to figure it out and he pointed out traders post calling someone a friend and was like, "idk if you should be on this" lol

GSF was a great guy. certified hood classic stuff. rest in peace

Re-uploaded here:

coincidentally, the anniversary of GSF Paradise's release is June 29

I was looking for this one for forever, thank you for reuploading this.

This really sucks. Made a lot of fond memories playing with friends on his maps. Hope those around him are doing well now, and that he's in a better place.


I wasn't there to truly experience the map era of BL (outside of the demo ver. anyway), but I still know how much of influential member he was to the community. Hope he's in a better place now.

This really sucks, he was such a creative and friendly person. My favourite pastime when i was like 10 was to fight on his maps in "Gravity Cat's Government Vs Rebels"

I was just thinking about if he had any updates on his game a couple days ago...

stuff thats a lot to take in all at once, I do hope he moved along peacefully

felt compelled to reply for the past few days but nothing would come out to post. the feeling isn't going away so i'm just gonna do it even though i don't have anything to add. i just see this thread as some kind of communal epitaph for him and wanted to expand it i guess. i dunno man. forget.

Damn this really took me back.

Rest in peace.

Man. I’m not as active here anymore as I’d like to be, but this is wild. Can’t believe it. I remember using his maps back in v8 because I didn’t want to fork over the measly $20 to pass the 150 brick limit.

Any idea what happened?