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This is Blockland United, a project of mine that was attempted back in 2016 but it didn't go anywhere due to lack of focus and proper management, but now things are different, and we have a team onboard to make it functional. As the name suggests, this is an attempt to unite the community to revive our beloved game, connecting talented members to get new creations into fruition. This group is inspired by how the SpeedKart Remastered Project was created, which was a collaboration project combining people with different skills to make it a reality, so we believe that the same can be done for more projects for Blockland in the future.

The goal of this group is to serve as a place for people to team up and create new projects like Add-Ons, Builds, Servers, Videos, etc. The reason why a lot of projects in the game don't go anywhere is because of that lack of a collaborative effort of people that can serve each function, such as 3D modelling, programming, building, hosting servers and so on, hopefully with this group, we can achieve new ideas that will be finished.

Join our Discord Group for more information and to participate in new projects for the game!

VIDEO: Introducing Blockland United
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go Filipe! Count me in.

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go Filipe! Count me in.

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Pretty awsome little place to help get ppl in2 making stuff for blockland whether its videos, addons, builds!

Here's an Introduction Video about the group and it's goals.

I've played Blockand only December in 2017 and playerbase has seriously dropped so let's bring it back!

Refreshing for an old head such as myself to see some semblance of community still going on. This is a cool project and I wish I had time to participate, but with a job and a new baby that's difficult. Maybe someday. Keep it up!

Ready to contribute!