Author Topic: Who here has never changed their avatar?  (Read 7962 times)

Or at least had their current one on for years

Haven't touched mine in a literal decade.

Used to have a bloody gir avatar, changed it to this, had it since then.

ive had this one for a couple years, just a funny mspaint face i made in like 5 seconds to replace my series of splatoon pfps i made. i actually still have a lot of my old avatars saved on my computer for the hell of it

My bl forum pfp was always the WOW horde symbol until my dog died, then I made tribute.
In game bl Ive changed my avatar so much. Right now its a suit and the creepy blockhead face

Ive had this one since roughly 2014 I think

i guess i've had this for a while

I don't trust people who change their avatar/username on a whim tbh
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I don't trust people who change their avatar/username on a whim tbh
>Me whose changed their avatar probably a few dozens of times

I've had mine since june 2018. before that I changed it all the time. I'd decorate it for holidays, and I put the most thought into halloween usually. then sometime after the holiday was over I'd change it back to the base deer (but not since june 2018. pride is all year babey). I've been using some variation of the deer since february 2016. so I guess it depends on whether you want to count this specific image or the broader concept

and before the deer I also changed it regularly. generally between like, sets of related stuff. for a long time it was always prequel stuff. my favorite non-deer era was probably when I would use tiny little cropped sections of furry art, like these

I had several sections cropped out of each full image and I'd switch between sections every other week or so, until I'd been through all of them that I wanted to

anyway, quick throwback to my favorite holiday deer edit of all time, from halloween 2016:
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I've only ever had 3 avatars.

im banned from editing my profile entirely

i've had this one for several years since my homestuck era, i think I used to have an enderman avatar before this one

changed it several times but i'll be sticking with this one for a while