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Hiding beneath the corner of a mattress near a desk that's put against it. In one of those gaps that need two big pieces of furniture moved to clean. I'd catch the drippings of liquid spills off the desk licking up old beer that's congealed like sap drips on the wood. Another bountiful plane of nutrition would be the box spring beneath the warm mattress, bits and crumbs would fall caught before tumbling to the floor where the larger 8 legged friends would be. Not even thirst is a problem, occasionally those like myself would wander writhed by scents of sweet sweat of those who rest upon their "own" domain.
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i wish i was an indoor cat

The spiders use the clippings from my fingernails as counterweights.

I feel bad taking them away.
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I hung out with friends upon a pond sitting atop Kayaks. It was nice. We were smoking Marijuana. They were uncomfortable as I pointed out those near us. The many lingering on the Lily pads, Flowers and Bushes... within the Boats and maybe even closer or deeper than ever noticed. Creatures climbing mountains smaller than sight.