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here it comes, the game is going to release within a couple of hours. im getting a physical copy so im not playing at midnight but i will be playing on launch day so w/e.
i also decided to replace the splatfest section of the op (you can just look up previous splatfests online its not really necessary) with a friend code list. post your friend code and we can maybe do some gaming just like old times
edit: it's out
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i thought tricolor would be 4v4v4, which woudda been awesome

it wasn't, which was lame
though, scissors already lost a lot just doing 4v2v2, so shrug
Honestly 4v4v4 would be even more ridiculously unbalanced anyway. Scissors already got their ass pounded by having 4 opponents, they'd get absolutely eviscerated with 8.

this game's ending was pretty wild i must admit

didnt post about this earlier because life (tm) but a new splatfest has been confirmed in today's direct

team fun gang

took an L on this fest. pushed hard as team fun and even managed to win a couple 100x battles but in the end we weren't able to get those points in popularity or open. fun time had by all tho

Team Grub got absolutely zilch though, they must have fallen into a food coma

i was busy and didn't play as much as i wanted to but, gear W deserved

grass/fire/water is a lame splatfest... and it seems like we aren't even getting splatoween... gargh

new season dropping
x battle, big run, new catalog, several new weapons/clothes/etc, balance adjustments (rip tenta missile users lol)