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Welp, here it is, the next game of nintendo's funny series where squids and kids shoot ink at each other. new features include:
  • Replay previous battles
  • Customizable lockers
  • Various quality-of-life changes (gear layouts can now be saved, training room can be used in matchmaking, new stage/mode announcements are delivered via notification instead of pausing the entire game)
  • Additional customization options ("splashtags"/battletags, victory emotes including a dabbing one no i'm not joking)
  • New general store with rotating catalog of items updating every 3 months
  • Tableturf battle (1v1 tabletop card game featuring turf war mechanics)
  • Salmon Run: Next Wave (basically salmon run with some extra enemies and actual bosses alongside the minibosses from the second game)
  • Obligatory new clothing, weapons, and stages
  • New campaign: Return of the Mammalians
  • Splatfests are now 1v1v1 (3 teams), including a special mode where all 3 compete at once
  • New newscaster/idol characters (of course)
  • Some other stuff i forgor :skull:

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why dont they just update splatoon 2

why dont they just update splatoon 2
same reason Activision doesn't just update call of duty

we owe pearl an apology

was hoping for a male & female duo... these ones are a bit too uncanny
and the big forehead just seems like repeating pearl again

time to buy the video game of splatoon for the third time

1v1v1 sounds cool tho

article that goes into some specifics on the game:
tl;dr you can transfer over splatoon 2 save data which gives you some bonuses and brings over your ranks, ranked is based on a "rank point" system and it is no longer possible to rank down, your in-game name is now based on a nickname system rather than your switch profile's name, expanded training area in both lobby and salmon run, etc
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splatfest world premiere is now available for preload, need to wait until aug 27 to actually launch it tho

never mind its now launchable, you can create your character and screw around in the plaza
oh yeah and of course half of the plaza is just people posting amogus because old habits die hard

tricolor is forgetin rough, scissors were just getting pounded 9/10 games, nintendo will get my $60

tricolor is forgetin rough, scissors were just getting pounded 9/10 games, nintendo will get my $60
tricolor is a bit of a funny mode because the two smaller opposing teams have to try and push the center team and getting the ultra signal which gives the smaller teams an advantage (in the form of a big ass sprinkler that covers the map with turf) can be pretty forgetin difficult when the center is being camped and fired upon constantly (at least in my experience i only captured the thing once lol)
btw i was on team rock, gg. #ripbozo to the other 2 teams
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This event was the first time i played Splatoon ever, overall, pretty fun, but yeah, Tricolor Battle, as someone who was on Team Scissors, was a pain :panda:

Also, Egoraptor was in the very first match i played

Seeing as you can change the name that appears on your banner, it likely was not the real Arin "Hey, I'm Grump!" Hanson

Still a funny coincidence though

i completely missed the splatfest :iceCream:

i thought tricolor would be 4v4v4, which woudda been awesome

it wasn't, which was lame
though, scissors already lost a lot just doing 4v2v2, so shrug