Author Topic: Whamageddon 2022 (Game has ended)  (Read 5592 times)

I heard it over the phone while my friend shopped. Didn't notice at first until they started loving singing it.

rip, they were a sleeper agent activated by hearing the song

lost this challenge like 4 days ago drinking with my bro, listening to music when it auto played next on youtube

i might have heard it playing at a party but i was too drunk to remember so i dont think it was it
no excuses, you know what you heard!!

I met a new girl that liked Christmas music. I sent her the picture about Whamageddon. Then she assassinated me next time we met.

working at a place that does weddings. mariah carey came on and i now fear for my safety

Lost yesterday when a friend turned the car radio on. Literally the first song that played XD

lost to a video of an excavator

at least 10 people (including myself) have lost god damn

took a risk and went to walmart yesterday and managed to survive

Already been 11 days in, and I haven't heard that song again since Christmas 2021.

I'm doing fine so far.

went to vegas last weekend and things were already in christmas mode. somehow i survived though

i didnt even get past the first day this year
what retail does to a man

heard a remix/cover today at a cafe, close call

a close call indeed mr. cake conan

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