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you're right - i am a super homophobic/tribal/sensible/xenophobic user and deserved to be permanently removed from every facet of their platform for saying there was an omori maniac in q/a, as well as a bunch of different blockland users not traditionally associated with doing that who've had issues in the past with brickadia and it's moderation who are also all those things. surely stereotyping everyone outside of the gated community as an evil bad guy is morally righteous and correct and not soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that was a prevalent and extremely toxic issue in blockland
bestie if you don't do what I'm talking about then I'm probably not talking about you. if you simply read the rest of the thread you will see several examples of it
I'm not even in the "gated community" in question so that seems like an unrealistic interpretation

heard this games giving free keys to minors

it won't. weirdo blockland dweebs are literally the only people that care about any of that stuff, and the deranged way you all present it doesn't help your case. there is no meaningful precedent for a game's developers' actions actually having an impact on the game's sales, whether it's AAA, indie, or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning in between. it's a pipe dream
also you obviously care. what do you even mean by that. you're foaming at the mouth about it on the blf

its literally a diet coke variant of the exact same branding of bullstuff that plagued blockland for so long and much contributed to why its quite dead, its weird to wish a fast and sound death for one game but not the other. i genuinely believe that if brickadia doesnt fizzle out and die quickly then its community will spiral into such toxicity that itll become akin to soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning like rust

calling a hit out or smth because someone dropped this in a server i'm in and i wanted to be able to discuss what's false or not with the man himself. i think quite a lot could be solved if things were discussed publicly instead of in brickadia chat or smth

You can't discuss this kind of stuff publicly cause nobody really wants to hear it

i mean, i want to hear it, and it'd be as easy as pointing out misinformation and saying 'hey, this isn't true because of (x)'

Yeah it was a while ago but I absolutely did get directed to Zeblote who did not accept my request lol. It was super important he covered that. I'm "sure" they're implementing a sane system since they're asking for $30 now, but I doubt the mentality has changed much and hiding off-site pretty much proves that.

Kenko apparently didn't read the rest of the game chat where I told the story of what happened.
Someone popped into my server, cause it had no password, saw what we said/were saying, screencapped it and sent it to Aware who joined and told us we'd have our game access removed if we were caught doing it again.
Now it's funny down the line but yeah probably not the best idea and it kinda makes sense but it was really weird at the time

heard this games giving free keys to minors
devs get "early access" all the time too if yk what i mean ehehehehe

messaged him about it

Whats funny is that my messages are still in the loving server so its not like its super hard to search messages by me and see that nothing about rape or gross stuff is mentioned

Unless he means this??? then lmao, lol

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