Author Topic: Warside (Advance Wars Clone)  (Read 5227 times)

even though it's an obvious advance wars clone it looks really cool. I had fun playing advance wars back in the day and always wished it had some sort of multiplayer feature. There was another advance wars clone-like game called Wargroove with mixed reviews, though it seems a little more like Fire Emblem than Advance Wars

tell me about your experiences with fire emblem / advance wars like games - what are the best ones out there?

i remember always wanting to play advance wars as a kid but never got the chance to

very cool to see this

never had fire emblem as a kid, only advance
i played advance wars by web (awbw) for a bit... also a game on the switch called tinymetal briefly
graphix reminds me of metal slug. neat. need to know more about anything else though. i'm kinda cynical on adv-wars-like games because so few exist