Author Topic: So I've been cancelled on twitch with my Blockland history. Warning TLDR  (Read 2128 times)

I'm not even mad, I never said I was a victim either. I've done bad things in the past.

I wish everyone the best.

I'm just saying I don't like the way they handled it. If they were true friends/fans they could have came to me in private and asked about it in a calm way and I would have responded in a calm way.

Instead they resolved it by waiting for me to go online after a 3 day hiatus, private messaged all my mods, spammed my twitch chat about it, raided my discord with 20 people I never even heard of and all of them expected me to answer 20 people at once while also refusing me to speak at the same time.

They weren't looking for an apology, if they were I would have gladly apologized. It was a witch hunt.

No stuff right? Wouldn’t life be so much easier if everyone you ever made into an enemy took the high road for you? The “punished lord tony was never a saint…” gag is super uncompelling when you immediately subvert it with “…but I never really did anything THAT bad and my detractors are just jealous of my bandz”

The more I read... whatever your post is supposed to be, the more I realize how much of a egotistical maniac you are. "Above in beyond" in trolling? Half of this post is just you stroking yourself off. You can't even call it an apology or even remorseful. Instead of "explaining the situation" about how "jealous fake fans" subverted you by telling people the truth about how you used to torture autistic children on the internet for fun, you should explain what's wrong with your brain that caused you to act this way for 15 years an adult. That's the true tragedy of your admission to trolling, your troll "character" was the perfect cover for how stupid you are. Now you don't have that anymore.

Who said this was an apology? I'm not apologizing to a witch hunt.

I was explaining the situation of what happened but in no way did I say this was an apology lol.

You do not apologize to witch hunts, ever.

This is what I mean, you can't actually have these kind of conversations because you're intellectually inadequate, so you just default back to this insincere dumb-playing troll "character" you've supposedly been cultivating for teh lulz. Grave robbing already?

Obviously the guy who exposed you doesn't give a forget about your snake apology. He just wants $50. You owe the apology to the communities you trolled.

maybe you should try getting a job
if you listened to my advice you wouldnt be sobbing like a 30 soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning year old little bitch over a measly benjamin now would you

Does that matter? You made it your business to be an awful and offensive person, the smartest thing that person could’ve done was not interact with you and give you the attention you craved. You stuff all over communities that people value for your own entertainment. You don’t have to go to the guys house and assault him to make him a victim.

what is this, pulling up the ladder now?

In 10 years time when I'm in my mid thirties and I have to crawl back to this place to apologize for being a handicap please remind me not to say "At-least I never got someone fired from adult swim!"

No offense but you sound like you wore a fancy fedora when you wrote these comments.

I have no idea what you're ranting about anymore.

In 10 years time when I'm in my mid thirties and I have to crawl back to this place to apologize for being a handicap please remind me not to say "At-least I never got someone fired from adult swim!"
i'll give you that one.

ony's "trolling" has consisted of being a contrarian spastic since he was 19 nearly 20 years ago. him bragging about going big on adult swim (daily caller on stuffty midnight talk shows and being shown once at 4am for 15 minutes as a random schizo they pulled on set for a low budget stuffpost) and acting like he was cancelled by "the man" is absolutely hilarious. he is completely deluded with grandeur and this dogstuff thread is nothing more than evidence of it. there's really nothing to do here but question why he's even screaming to the void about these minute injustices. why are you owning your "blockland past" if you feel as if it treats you so unfairly in the first place? bit of a self own i would think

regardless... tony and i mean this sincerely. you're a fully formed adult, unmarried without kids or owning any land, skills/trades, or a career. when does the trolling stop bud? youre not going to be a tv star and nobody wants to watch some scrawny long haired friend #35 play computer games for hours on end. im telling you you wont cry about being pocket watched and finessed out of a benjamin by mean internet people if you learn to be a plumber instead. its not too late.

Welcome back bro

You're heavily antagonistic and aggressive and you are expecting me to apologize to you on behalf of the blockland forums as a whole?

Who even are you? I don't even remember you.

There it is. As always, I'm the guy you begged for addons.

For those curious

I'm the guy you begged for addons.

I do that for everyone.