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All I hope a pray for is a cheesy 80s type horror flick, with practical effects, and a clever use of gore.
Since 2015 I've seen people complaining about the damn rating of the picture, that being PG13, and exclaiming how it will be entirely detrimental to the (potential) horror/gore aspects of the film as a whole, and will subsequently hinder its overall quality. That may be true if this movie was being pumped out like ever other indie PG13 horror cash grab from the last 10 years, but this film particularly has been in the works for 7 years now, specifically for the sole reason of not turning into the aforementioned. I mean for christ sake, Jaws is loving PG (would probably be PG13 if rated today), and is not exactly subtle with its gore related content.

I don't even think fnaf had any "real gore" until those brown townog horror videos started popping up a few years ago, and those aren't even official.

You wanna see the most "official" fnaf gore we've ever gotten?

In other words...
epic cringe

i hope mike gets some ass in this one, he deserves it

new trailer
I came straight in my jeans at the very end when phone guy said; "looks like its gonna be a long five nights... at freddys" right before he hung up and ripped the touch tone phone straight out of the wall and begun swinging it like a nunchuck as he was surrounded by the slowly approaching animatronics.