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Author Topic: Christmas Blockparty [2023]  (Read 4278 times)

You'll never guess what time it is. No seriously how could you possible know?

Coming to a Blockland server masterlist near YOU!
Server will be live for the course of

The Brighter Dark

I just want to extend a warm welcome and a gracious thank you to everyone. It really is an honor to be able to host something like this for the community each year.
Truth be told I never thought I'd keep this tradition going when I started it, but it's kind of addicting LMAO, I think I just love the Christmas season feeling. It's something
that I never wanted to lose the feeling of, especially as an adult it sort of feels more necessary now than ever. Whatever I'm an old stuff rambling about nostalgia, but seriously
I do sincerely mean what I say. Last years post I spoke about how I'm not so sure if I will continue the blockparty in the following years. But I was pleasantly shocked to consistently
see a full house throughout the years even in a declining population. So yeah, so long as you guys want this, I'll keep doing it. Thank you very much and have a great christmas, I hope to see you round.

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Literally coming on rn litcherally

Been years since I actually launched up Blockland, seeing this server have 18 players really made my day. Joining it just made me go on a massive nostalgia trip, I actually recognized a few names that I remembered from back then being on the server. This game is really something, glad people are still around and play this game.

Do you have a list of the add-onns you are using? My brother and I built something recently on the server and I want to be able to load properly it on my own server.

hope to see u guys there.

ive gotten pretty good at making chimneys so if someone else can make a house, ill add that!