Author Topic: Eclipse 2024 - Path of Totality!  (Read 8003 times)

I went on the roof and got some loving DOPE shots of it here in North East Ohio

southwest ohio superiority

in ma, we got like ~90-95 percent coverage. good stuff

stupid loving cloud cover

amazing pics but i have to say your avatar gave me whiplash

cool stuff. we went down to indiana and tried to solarprint the crescent shadows onto some shirts with a makeshift pinhole camera and some solarprinting dye. unfortunately it didn't work too well - i think because the dye we used wasn't sensitive enough. we also got to experience totality which was awesome.

went outside and watched it here in western ohio. you got some really great pics with that camera. love how you taped the glasses onto the inside where the lens is lol

I drove about 2 hours south to a friend's rural property in Bollinger County, MO. Complete totality under perfect skies. It was amazing and I got a dope sunburn. Getting home was fun as the millions of people who converged on the spot all went home at the same time. Some people near me took 7 hours to make the 2 hour drive. I ran the back roads and it took just under 3 hours.

i really wish i had gone ot a dark sky preserve or something, i didnt really see any stars during totality