Author Topic: How to make a car with Support_EngineSounds have only one gear?  (Read 1081 times)

For some reason if I give a vehicle an ES_gearCount of "1", it doesn't work correctly, even when I do the gear pitches and gear speeds. I was trying to do an electric car or something with only one gear and any less than 2 gears seems to make it function incorrectly.

Code: [Select]
//gear count, will not work if you do not get the count right for ES_gearSpeeds and ES_gearPitches
ES_GearCount = 1;
// in seconds how long it takes to go from REV of last gear to REV Of new gear
ES_GearPitchDelay = 0.3;
//can only shift gears every 0.3 seconds
ES_gearShiftDelay = 0.1; // SECONDS
//gear speeds in TU (1:2 in terms of studs)
ES_GearSpeeds = "0";
//gear pitches, PITCH_START PITCH_PEAK
ES_gearPitches = "0 1.0";
//max pitch the vehicle can ever make
ES_maxPitch = 1.0;