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Just type Gold Hook in the login window. this is just for testing the gold hook and the char doesent have anything removable. I know peeps will abuse it but is so you can see exactly what the gold hook does firsthand. enjoy :)

plz dont ruin this for other peeps. no jailing yourself and removing clothes. i knew someone would do this


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Of course someone is going to ruin it.  You were a fool to even try. 

lol i know. just for the hell of it. :) but some people will make good use of it. but 99% umm well.... :)lol

Hey Fire i tested it since i got no gold hook yet,and now i cant believe how great it compares to normal hook

Also Officer Bad Spot and DODO BIRD have no passwords

Well I'm spending the 1.30.00mins In Jail so Ppl can use it and who was the Stupit as holde who did it in the First Place!!!!

wow 1h30...

Ive also made an account called "Gold Hook Test". it has a password, which i will give to anyone who asks if they are well trusted. Talk to any army mike, officer merry, silent cop or fireball who will all be told it.

If you get password its probably best not to tell anyone else unless they are real life friends who you definately trust.