Author Topic: Show your dumbest blockland screenshots.  (Read 6241 times)

They can be random, funny, or completely pointless. Tell if your shots are staged or not.

Tony... Stalking... (Unstaged)

Some blockhead who doesn't know how to spell "Jail" (Believe it or not, Unstaged)

Nobody gives tatoo's better than Tony! (Unstaged)
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Lol at "Jaeol" and "Opin"

Staged (he didn't know though):


I don't remember. Caption: "Get down!" [/Swarchenegger]



mr spation and his 2nd love


oh, and the time i turned barn into a zombie (it was a accident, honest :3) and he went on a brain eating spree
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mr spation and his 2nd love

o.o I did not have loveual relations with that blockhead.

Unstaged. I miss BLOOD BATH's Driver's ed. :(

I was taking some screen shot for the castle TDM but i had a weird feeling that someone was wathing :3
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a zombie tower

OMG! My build again!

And i remeber that screenshot.

I learned how to use map editor

All my screenshots suck

Unstaged, messing with wrench events in a LAN game.

Face emitter is watching you masturbate. Staged.

The lovebox 360 containing an AFK Jookia. Staged.

Miga getting a little too personal with some random noob. Unstaged.

Dante riding a wild Doombot. Staged.

An old decal of mine. Staged.

Someone, I forgot who, making an AFK LoserHero the center of attention. Staged.

No comment. ???.

The Angry Chicken, painted on the window in the old MotE server on accident by someone who's name escapes me. Unstaged.

The return of the face, but in sun form... Run! Staged.

A flying Squarehead about to hit a shocked VH. Staged.

Ummm...? Random guy was put there unstaged.

VH sporting a very stylish Afro. Staged.

A lagging Predator provides a great platform. Unstaged for the most part.