Author Topic: why doesent red + yellow = orange?  (Read 2194 times)

I combined bright red and bright yellow to make orange. I combined the orange I just made with the real Orange. the result: the number remained the same. why doesent it say orange?

Cause mixing dyes always shows the number, and not the name?

Its because it doesn't follow the standard RYB color system you get with those nice fingerpaints. AoT goes by a numerical RGB system, as does most things, unless the developers put together a nice alternative system for the simplicity.


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red and yellow do make orange, it just doesnt say "orange"

I'll probably change it eventually and come up with some more named colors.  But wierd combinations will still show the number.

Red and yellow make orange in the game? I never tried mixing it... It makes since though, because Red is 255 0 0 and Yellow is 255 255 0, and when you add them, you have 128 128 0...

So yes, bright yellow and bright red do make orange. Red and yellow would get you burnt orange/brown.

I tried that once. Won't try it again.