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My decal works fine except it has a gradient look on the players back. How can I fix this? And on one of the sides it is black?
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When I make the .cs file, it saves still as a notepad file, but the name server.cs.
How do I fix this?
And... when I look in other decal folders, the .cs file is a file I can't open.

Copy and paste all of your printss into the prints folder. Copy and paste all of your print icons into the icons folder.

Found a typo :o

What are the thumbnails for:
A 1x1 plate

My decals wont show up on the Shirt in-game how do I fix that??

were do you find thumbnails?

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having troubble with the server.cs folder. Even if I just change the name it says a folder, not a cs.

Wow, its been a long time but anyway

I am having the problem where the thumb pic shows in game but in the minifig it appears blank. Is there anyone I can send it to so they can maybe have a look at whats wrong?

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I made a face. The two images are in the folder, and the thumbnail is in the thumbs folder. The .zip folder is called "Face_Zombie". Do I need a server.cs and a .txt description for it to work, 'cuz it isn't working right now.

Take your pick, I recommend something free, open source, and licensed under the GPL or some similar license.

-insert naughty word here- gpl, use bsd instead, loooong story.

gpl if free as in cost, bsd is free as in freedom.