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One reason I <3 PTTA. Destroy dumb n00b spam. However, my servers are only LAN, so if my brothers mess things up I smack their tooths.

I think on PTTA servers if you try to use a command like "buildwall" and scripts are off it will take away your building rights.

Ok, what part of "I don't use RTB" do you guys not understand? PTTA, that patch are for RTB. Durrrrr Note that 2 different mods have 2 different coding ways.

Well guys that would work if I used RTB... Or...
Toybox + brick limit. It's what it's there for.

Yea, I set the brick count to 0.

ok i also have been hit by spam but the thing u should have done was save clear all bricks and let the biotch spam away. >:\
i know who might have been doing hes definnately not a noob and 2 he has impersonated me so if u see a knuckles without FX-(IM) in front of my name thats him.

what if he as the FX-(IM) in front of your name?

i think the mystery spammer is micheal he spammed up spoiler20's place

Pointing fingers won't get anyone anywhere. Either have witnessed it, or don't post. Keep speculations to yourself, you wouldn't want to get random innocent people banned.

However, if you do know who did it, go ahead and post.

It could be anyone, and there are a lot of people who spam. Its not a small crowd unfortunately.

tech if there one thing i remember from back when TBM was favored it's that setting the brick limit to 0 on the toybox makes it unlimited

i think the mystery spammer is micheal he spammed up spoiler20's place
I looked abit in the RTB forum. some one named Micheal said that a player named Anarki or somthing imposterd him.

and I solved the lags in that server, he went to a place, and made alot of 32X32 plates, then he went crazy with the Editor Wand and rotated the plates to hell.

I you see some one named Micheal that is showing signs of freezing server (like starting to build tons of blocks or plates, or yelling stuff at the chat), you can be nice to him and ban. and if you have he's IP, then you can share it with us.

btw, all the story happend in a RTB server, if you wanne know.
(-sorry for my bed english).

Its so easy to "point and judge" but we need proof to officially put the ban on somone, as for anarki impostering, its probably true, hes in {BH} and the bigger clans without leadership end up with problems like this, this is most distressing :(

i personllay doubt that Anarki is impersanting Micheal, because i went in to a empty server and Anarki had made a small ship, and it said (in a brick message)

Built by {BH} Anarki, Spammed/ruined by Micheal.

I fail to see why someone would change there name and then spam up there build.

hmm.....hes still guilty for being a poser, but now he seems to have done this for revenge. Spamming is stupid but if you save properly then you shouldn't get in a problem with n00b spams, you need to watch the ppl who are building and if you have PTTA just destroy by name. I would say that Anarki cannot be trusted after being a imposter, spamming a server is bad (and sucks if you don't auto-save) but impersonating someone can ruin credibility and ruin a reputation pretty quickly. He shouldn't have spammed Spoiler20's server because thats just low and a n00bish act. Already Micheal's name has been tarnished, there needs to be more info before we ban; like Wedge said

I just wish the info would come out and have solid proof like png's or once better would be video of the offender
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To avoid spam, I just don't leave my server running when im not around.. or turn off the inventory and make the server a view only server.  Leaving it unattended is just asking for spam.
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