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General FAQ:

Useful help topics:

►►►Update Your Drivers◄◄◄

Port Forwarding: How to host an internet game
Build Macros
Making Blockland Movies
(Tutorial) How To Port Forward On a Mac
(Tutorial) How to post your console/launcher log

Troubleshooting Tips:

Common steps to try

This add-on won't work/broke!
  • Re-install the add-on
  • Check the console to see if the add-on has been failed
  • If you installed a new add-on, disable/remove it temporarily
  • Did you put the add-on in the correct place? they should go in your "My Documents\Blockland\Add-Ons" folder
  • Disable add-ons one by one to see if any are conflicting
  • As a last resort, backup your data, and do a re-install with just default plus the add-on in question

I just exploded and I need to post a help topic!
  • The key to a productive help topic is information, provide as much as possible; Just posting "I CRASHED" doesn't help anyone
  • Post both your console log, and your launcher log, Tutorial here
  • If you know how you triggered the crash/bug, go through the steps in as much detail as you need
  • Make the subject of your post descriptive enough and non ambiguous,
    Examples: BAD: my server died :(, GOOD: My server crashed after ??? amount of time when I pressed the any key
  • Pictures are always helpful if you have any, you can upload pics directly by clicking Additional Options -> Attach
  • Give us some information about your pc, operating system, specs, it may help

Help forum FAQ:

Q: Why can't I edit posts in the help section?
A: There is a severe problem where people edit their post to remove their question after their problem is resolved.  This prevents future visitors who have the same problem from finding the answer.  
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