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i would really like to like have a ferrari add-on that can drive really fast. I would like it to look like this:

Ferrari F430

I would really love it if you at least try to make one.
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noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo

No no no noo

Definitely nooo


No no no noo

Definitely nooo
All though I agree with you, I still think someone should make some kind of sport car to drive around it.

Make a faster jeep with nice handling and a shiny model.

But if you just do a faster jeep that handles better doesn't make it a sport car just like a fast jeep.
And you don't have to make it look exactly like on the picture and make it round with does nice curves and things just as close as you can get to it.


No no no noo

Definitely nooo
forget you. I'm tired of people talking about "blocko" vehicles. A Ferrari would pwn the forget outta everything in blockland. Someone please make this!

this is a good idea!
BUT!!it would take along time to make this.
faran would an ordiary spots car do you for a while..

i remember on bacs town....

he had a sprts car on it..i dont no if he made it..

or he got somone to make it because it wasnt released on forums..

still good idea

P.S. I <3 ferrari

Wait! How about a muscle car like Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang?

Dodge Viper better. 

Chevrolet Corvette or Camaro? DONT MAKE IT "BLOCKO" FOR forgetS SAKE

Yeah look at the Blocko Car for example. It was inspired by a Toyota Apex but kaje succeded to make it look more like a mix between Volvo 240, 340 and 740. Just cuz he wanted it "blocko"!

Meh maybe Pagani Zonda C12 will be better :)

Hows about a lamborghini?
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Learn to spell, its spelled Lamborghini

i agree so much with u who gives a stuff if its not bloko if the model's nice and the handling is controled, its mother loving epic win  :cookie: