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Cats are fuzzy-wuzzy bundles of feline fun.

It's no coincidence that Kitten rhymes with Mitten.

Had 1 cat

Then 3

 Then 6

 Then 5

 Then 2

 Then 1

 And now 2 again

Inb4 Bisjac's Caged kitty pic. lol

Something about this ‼☼Cat tallow roast☼‼ doesn't taste quite right.
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I have a cat. It is lazy and it only eats, sleeps and catches a baby mouse ever 4 months because it feels insecure about its masculinity but it is still to scared to take down a seagull. It's called Benji.

=3 Mine's a girl and she's like... 3 years old.
She's crazy and that's why we adopted her, she like.. Is bipolar. Lol. She ate my Triopses D= they're like ancient shrimp things.

We had 3. One died. We got two more. They makes 6 babies. We kept the babies. The other two of the first 3 died. One of the second two died.

Now we have the 6 babies and the dad.

OH ALSO we found one more cat and kept it. She's awesome, a munchkin. :D


I generally dislike cats. Behold my choice of pet:

The reason is obvious.