Author Topic: USSR is evil!?  (Read 4383 times)

God sonic, i'm even starting to hate you, stop posting bullstuff

everyone should hate you guys... youre communist bastards...
in soviet russia, everyone hates YOU!
In Soviet Russia hate kills YOU!!!!

good evening comrades, i made an awsome clan that is awesome...
if you want to join all  ask is that you arnt a whiney noob
of course no clan wants that, clann [USSR] expects only the best of bulders and no spammers. Clan [USSR] does not apreciate spammers, so if you spam dont bother joining. also, dont get mad at the tag [USSR] it shows you cant take a joke.
[EDIT] this is a rtb clan incase you diddnt know
[EDIT] official members are
there ore others too i just cant think of thier names

i love how everyone takes jokes way too seriously.
it was just because of 666 views. this whole forum is more flamible than gasoline.

... You think im gay? your just trying to put me down because you're most likely jealous of [KNX]

[KNX]sonic_knx says:
have you heard of USSR? theyre from russia.
(MM)VenomAK says:
i hate commies
(MM)VenomAK says:
and yea, i heard of them. they're a clan in rtb.

that's words from Venom and im the one whos gay? forget off bitches. u people have no hearts.
Your a complete douche bag. If you can't see that our clan is just for fun, then you need to stop popp'n prozac pills and hit yourself on the head with a mallet.

How does this mean we need hearts?
Venom said he hates communists, thats ok, but your thinking hes talking about our clan, so your obviously a n00b looking for excuses to flame a caln which you have never even visited our server. You act like most steriotypical 12 year old that learned how to swear. We don't need to hear your bullsh[i/]t, so If I were you I would shut up.

I do hate communists, but i wasn't talking about this clan.

Speaking of gasoline monday I got gasoline splashed in my eyes...feels good, yall should try it.

Damn Otis, you drop w/e that stuff was on your hand. Then you spill gasoline in your eyes? Jesus you need a bubble

lol nice.

but please dont anyone comment if it reaches 1337
ive seen people "celebrate" it in other site's forums before and it just seems sad to me.


in Soviet Russia car drives YOU


switch to E85 ethanol.

if you do then i will destroy you

Viva la gasoline!
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Your clan rivals 76 Cougar for being flaming homoloveuals

You think i am a hot gay guy. Well thats wonderful thanx for the coment.
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your stupid, and your quotes show it!