Author Topic: Should there be (Ban From Master Server)?  (Read 3014 times)

I'm not sure if Badspot said it shouldn't be done or something but should there be a way for Badspot to like ban people from putting servers onto the Master Server and being able to connect to the master server (Thus erasing them from blockland forever!!!) if they act like total loving retards?, This would be the perfect way to erase Chronic spammers, Total cunts, etc etc Over all keep Blockland Moron Free.


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this is on the list

first thing i would do, Ban cougar!  :cookieMonster:

well, if this could be done i'm sure badspot would make a filter to keep servers with a tbm tag from working.
(not that i'm against tbm)

i like the idea, but how do you decide who needs to be gone forever? sure id like to never see some people again, but gone forever from blockland? how would you decide how bad is bad enough.

and if it was a multiple vote type thing, like any server admin can make note against the person. then you can just see how that could be abused.

No I mean like if these guys are total Assheads on the fourms and enough people agree to kick them out and enough evidence is given It would be considered by Badspot and if he says Yes then they're gone.

aw thats true. i guess i dont see most of that, im reading the wrong sections x.x

A global ban list is just pure evil. I don't care what someone has done, a banlist is just evil.

yea, it can be cruel, but isnt the world?

dude, its just protection, like VAC in counterstrike, or PunkBuster in Call Of Duty....

Or gamegaurd in GunBound and maplestory  :cookieMonster:

Or gamegaurd in GunBound and maplestory :cookieMonster:
i like game guard :) no more hackers in maple story HORRAY (No, past me, there's still hackers) plus the pin codes stop them ;) (I doubt that, past me)
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And you know game gaurd hacks too :O

if you was you stop them from connecting to the master server thay could still play by there selfs (witch rocks) :cookieMonster: