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i live in US Central time -0600

i dont know if that has anything to do with it, but theres not many servers to join most times. maybe about 10 non passworded servers on at most times for me. (no i didnt count, maybe bad guess)

i like to look for serious builds to join, or admire. But only find spammers or shoe box kids, so just end up making my own server... just to have spammers or shoe box kids join.

im not in a clan or anything, but is there a secret list of ips your all are hiding from me? having all the good games off the list.

lol -.-

I'm not aware of any such thing.  I end up doing that a lot myself (server hopping).  I think that's the reason I like Blockland so much.  It provides a huge range of exploration opportunities.  If you don't like one server, try out another one.  Repeat until bored, or satisfied.  I don't start up my own sever though, because I'm here more for the looking than the building.  I don't know why, but I like to look a lot more than I like to build...  However, map making is a slight exception to that.  When I'm working on my islands, I have to hold back because I keep thinking "Oh!  That would be awesome to build a bridge here!" or "I think it would be great to have a platform here, with a walkway to that room over there."  But, I don't put those things in, because I want to leave the map more open for others to do those things.  If I fill in every cool thing with my own ideas, it may be really neat.  However, it won't be a great map because it won't provide anyone with the ability to free build to their heart's content, because most of the good ideas would already be taken.

I do agree though.  It's really nice to see when a really nice build server is up.  I just love to look around, and see what secrets I can discover...  So far, I've like everyone of your builds that I've seen on other's servers.  Nice job!  Anyway, yah, I'm here for looking, usually...   :cookieMonster:  Mouser X over and out.


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Now you know why there are so many passworded servers.  I've been gaming online for 8 or 9 years and this sort of thing is a constant problem

Your best bet is to organize games with people that you already know and get along with from somewhere else.  Either from a clan, another forum, or your real-life friends.

Think about it, would you invite everyone from your school/job to a party? Hell no, most of those guys are jerks.  Only invite the people you know who aren't jerks. 
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I never "envite" people to anything. Perhaps I might "invite"...


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Hahaha Mocheeze it couldn't have been an edit, because it doesn't say you edited your post.

P.S. BL N00B

Think about it, would you envite everyone from your school/job to a party? Hell no, most of those guys are jerks.  Only envite the people you know who aren't jerks. 

Now to find that thread asking if Badsot ever made a spelling error.


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argh what's really bad is I typed it twice.  My little brother did it! I swear!

Do you have a brother Badspot? If you did, he'd have to be 17-20, at which point I don't think he'd make you look like you were a bad speller.

Why am I acting like I know stuff right now...God help me. Please disregard this post.

How about a server for the socially decent people of blockland? That the password is sent exclusively to other people via e-mail and anyone who leakes it will be banned.

Yeah, he had a little brother who blew himself up after reading his own bad spelling.



Ooh. Ill start a server everybody, and it'll be a tea party and social event for the more uptight, social elites of Blockland. Yes. We will all have top hats and tuxedos. It will be grand, my good chaps.

Haha. Yeah, right.