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Click here to view my guide, it shows you how to get started with aot, It doesn't have any music, because I can't find any songs that I can download directly.

I've never offended someone's work before, but this is really, really terrible.

Edit: The wrong things.

The grammar is horrible and it's one big block of text, makes it annoying and tacky. The pictures and text are squashed and horribly laid out, and the background colour is well, nasty.

You referred to the money as "Dollars", it's not dollars, it's GP. Even though people will know what you're talking about, referring to them as dollars adds to the overall eye-killingness of the video.

You make it seem like people WANT to buy a parchment, blue vial and bolts. When they've bought this, they'll be like "... I've just wasted 80 GP".

You didn't explain that cursing is also a crime, and that you have to have 1 hour of play time before you can join the police force.

This looks like you've given a 10 year old a "Windows Movie Maker + AoT" package and this is the disgusting result.
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omfg kitty two words........COMEDY GOLD..............that was effin hilarious!

Thank you very much, Liquid Snake! ^_^

OMFG i was in teh guide
yes i am redlinkman
and i made crunch bar, police chief went in it and got jail.

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Video guides suck. Images and text are better.

HAHHAAHAHAH THAT WAS THE mOST HALARIOUS PARODY I HAVE EVER SEEN> GRATS TO KITTY.  :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster:

That parody was hard to understand. I never watched Dumbells vdeo because it was too big to download.

If you watched Dumbells one you'd understand the parody.. :P

And thanks for all the compliments. ^_^