Author Topic: Announcement: Government of Starboard Town in session.  (Read 11143 times)

me sign up!! *hops up and down* me me me me me

If you have the time, I'd like to be signed up as a Citizen.

By the Way, How does one become an Officer ( Later on, When you choose some ).  Do you just pick them Randomly, You pick them accordingly to their skills, or to their personality?

Edit : Also, Would it be possible for the Night Riders Gang to have a place of refuge in Starboard Town?... It would be appreciated.

Just like any other governement, the people with the biggest bribes get high positions. :cookieMonster:

Ill join as a citizen i guess.....

Being active in giving to the government might help, with te hbeing active part, but the person must also have a good attitude. SInce there is I think 6 of us? We have enough gold not to worry much about being bribed with gold. Unless gold is different than gp? O.o

dude thats creepy. cool but creepy.  I'll need you to give me a place for my Paladins to meet seeing as i was using starboard as our base already(maybe we could be starboards starboard militia or something like that) you won't have me fight you claim of starboard with my prevous one but i would like to keep my claim on the house in starboard. Uild hall like, ya know.

Also, can you change your leader name, i'm using lord as my clanleader name so this might confuddle some of the players. next thing you know i'll have people pestering me saying things like "d00d h0\/\/ y0u bc0/\/\3 a 10rd" or other noobishness. if i have anybody think i'm a lord i'll just redirect them to you if you don't change the name.

After seeing all these clans wanting to protect Starboard, I'm starting to think that each of them could be different factions or something in the Starboard military. About the name: If you guys think of a better leader name for Starboard, I'm sure we'd switch it. :)

I'd like to become a citizen, my names are Corruption, Corrupt, or Corrupted.

Im am sorry to dissappoint everyone but........i already claimed starboard town as my own about a month joke....again sorry

I already covered this issue. Re-read the post please. :)

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a richard there. That wasn't my intention. I'm sure that many other people claimed Starboard before you. So you see where that's going.

well can i be a lord since i owned starboard last before the hostile takeover?

No, sorry. No more lords will be added.

awww......well im going to have to do somthing about have met your first enemy of starboard (former owner)

Good luck with that. It looks like many clans are lined up to protect the honor of Starboard. :)

Including what is currently the longest running clan in AoT....
Fear the bounty hunters.

hello everyone i will help liquid snake in his quest to regain ownership of sbt and my name is woman on fire,woman on fires,somebody and the last 1 is penguin Gangster