Author Topic: Post real life pictures of yourself.  (Read 5619164 times)

jesus christ and this mainly had to do with glasses

nah. you can't leave this community; it has to forcefully eject you out. there will always be an urge to come back, even if you're here "just to browse", or "see if the game is dead".

I want to see the end for myself, just to know itís real

hi from me and the bestie

go away Mr Electric. you Stink!

khaz lookin fresher than willie smith in the 90s

reason why id reply twice is prerty crystal clear: i like the attention and drama. i think its funny when someone gets mad and we both get to escelate the argument. ive changed a lot but this has always stayed the same, the more ppl involved or the more insulting an argument gets i try to match it back.
i take no personal offense anyway, its just a game to me. how psychopathic is that?
at least im nice on IM ☺️
have a good weekend 🥰

User was banned for this post

ding dong the witch is dead

ding dong brother u late

hi from me and the bestie
hey... so when are we hanging out........
you can bring her

a moment of silence


because you MUST have been friendzoned you can't POSSIBLY just have a female friend you're not trying to have love with.....

yeah no yall are barnyard animals we're just friends period.