Author Topic: Post real life pictures of yourself.  (Read 6086417 times)

People who are asian:
Grim Ant
Ytud Fo Llac
Who else?

Does Israel count as asian? :|

Asian Ratty?



omg he's asian. oh nooess!

I don't know.

Its on my frickin Tagworld.



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Indeed, real life is so much better than...not real life.
At least in 98.3% of human life.

Thats why god invented MySpace and TagWorld.

I see nothing except "Image hosted by Tripod".
As for me, here's a pic:

Thats why god invented MySpace and TagWorld.

God didn't invent those. TagWorld and MySpace were invented by emos and petifiles.

I don't go to Myspace beacuse My science teacher might see my profile and see all of my personal stuff. Especially my english teacher. Plus I have my own cyber life.