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So crazy dude is now tribal.

No am i not rasicts cuz Grim is too awesome to hate :P

Liquid Snake, Im not a jerk :D (Just letting you know)

I live in Red Hook, NY, although its listed in my profile.‫‮‫‮‫‮

I can't look at profiles :(

I would Ratty, but I'm saving up for a trip to somwhere else :)

Japan, am I correct?

Well, that comes later in my life. But no, somwhere else. :)

I am not paying 4000$ to goto a state two hours above me.

Did you hit your head in the camera? And the animation was too fast, you should slwo it down. Alot.

Wanna join me on my trip anyone?
If you want. So wich country are you wondering?

Either Japan, America or Europe. On a yellow vespa.

travel to Israel, I will host you in my tent !

Japan on a yellow vespa sounds good to me! ^_^

I live in Antigo Wisconsin

Meet me and My bogus L33t Haxx0r look combined with the I smoke crackers look >=)
(This is a very low quality pic)

And UndefinedMinded what's with the person Kicking who I am assuming to be you(?) in the butt because that made that pic kind of weird.
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