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all of the above were made by me

no clue, gonna have to look through my maps and find it

narrow your god damn fov, good god

narrow your god damn fov, good god
This, please

Also, try not to have so much empty space in your screenshots, it makes them look boring and uninteresting

Also also, knowing the 'Rule of Thirds' helps too unless you want to focus on a specific character, location, or object

just getting started with gmod scenes so that's why i suck so bad :p

my scout loadout
what a lad
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So I literally JUST YESTERDAY learned about the poster command. i've been posting low tier low resolution pics since I started forget

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There's a poster command?

What the forget, I've been playing this game for 8 years and I never knew you could rotate and change the FOV of the camera until now.