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Anyone who posts "who cares" or "no one cares" or similar dismissive statements will be banned.

Examples of common dismissive posts:

"The host can do whatever they want, it's their server"
  • Might does not make right.  Just because we can't physically stop people from being jerks on their own computers doesn't make it ok.  We are attempting to stop them via social pressure, that is the point of this forum.

"If you don't like the server, just leave"
  • Yeah, no stuff.  No one is posting "help I'm trapped in this bad server and can't leave".  The point is to warn others and bring about social consequences for the offending party.

"Why are you so mad, it's just a game/go outside/get a girlfriend/there are starving kids in africa"
  • The existence of more important things does not reduce every lesser thing to zero.  Hope you don't get mad when you get banned because hey, it's just a forum.

"Your first mistake was joining a <whatever> server"
  • Unless you're about to go into a technical explanation about why the design of a particular game mode causes people to act like jerks, stow it.  Your opinion that "everyone who likes <whatever> is an autist" is just useless bigotry.

"The drama forum should be removed"
  • The drama forum is a reflection of the ills of society.  Removing the forum would only blind us to those ills, leaving no hope of addressing them.
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