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I gots a new pic.

Might not look DOF, but it is.

Solid, that looks almost real. :o

Here's a DOF screenshot from a slopes edit I made for fun.

you should release that, looks pretty good.

Solid, that looks almost real. :o
Yeah, it's MLD's firework launcher's projectiles. :D
For a second there I thought you photoshopped a Blocklander into a real pic. :o

I'd post some more DOF screen shots but its not working for me any more D:
Any help? I tried Re-Key binding it.

Wow I am glad to see someone make a good the slopes edit..

A.R.C whar did you get that weather emitter?

More cool lighting. :P

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wow, DOF can be a good thing to take pics with. nice pic^

It's just a small build I made. Never finished it.