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Wait a minute.  If you've dug a 20 feet deep hole, even if you stop digging, you still won't be getting out...


Mindforget! D:

It would have to come out of itself D:

I see your logic, but it's an issue of semantics as to whether the problem is broken or not. When you divide by the same number on both sides of the equation, even if it is undefined, the equality remains true.
The problem is, we are dividing out variables, which cuts out solutions. The equation is still true, but you just got rid of an infinite number of solutions. Normally, this would be okay and we could plug in what we get from the new equation to check for extraneous solutions in the original equation. But, the variable in the parenthesis (x-y) can ONLY equal 0. Dividing by 0 is an illegal step. The problem is obviously broken by that step.

Tails, doing that, you effectively destroyed everything. Duplicating the same particles in two places = nothing.

Unfortunately, nothing is a paradox and will replace the universe almost instantaniously


I need more rest. I did not see the other 3 pages.
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ive solved this a few different ways and made my math teacher confused :D

2 equaling 1 means nothing makes sense anymore and dropshock doesnt actually exist

So if your snot2 then snot1 is...


My brother has tee shirt with an equation that proves 1+1=1  :cookieMonster:

i am going to try that on gmod now!
Because you can definitely put portals on movable objects!

ive solved this a few different ways and made my math teacher confused :D
Solved as in proved that 2=1 or disproved it because she said 2=1 and you were like lolno?
Also I'm not going to believe you without proof.

If it doesn't divide by zero and create a black hole it's not worth solving. :U

This is a little late, but....

Now, 45B=?

Undefined, obviously.

Also, putting a prtal in a portal would result in...

An impossible cube-esque thing, and when enough pressure is applied....

An explosion occurs and wipes out anything within a 2000.555 mile radius.