How long have you been playing BL? (don't lie...)

I just started not to long ago
About 1 year ago
About 2 years ago
About 3+ years ago
I'm not shure...

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March of 2008... My ID is 4450

I started last November and i have an BL id 8845

Since Blockland Mods 1.6.

1279, got it around 2 years ago.

Late march of '08.

BLID 5214

Since Blockland Mods 1.6.

This, except I was a loving idiot and didn't know how to do anything (didn't bother learning either) until RTB came out. That's when I started playing a lot and I became decent at abusing the editor wand. :D

I bought the retail game a bit late. My BL_ID is 637.
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I think a year ago...7616

Started playing when blockland was showcased on the screensavers.
So, 2005 right?
I'm pretty sure.

My ID is 334.

Id 1278 bought my id around the time of v8 I think :S it's been a long time. I played the demo for a while too:P

september 2007

id 1789

if you mean blockland in general, since 2005, then my computer asploded and never played vanilla again, lol

September 2007

ID: 3085

Back in the ol' V8... Good times.

My ID's in the 4600... add 3 :D

I am glad to be the 4603th Customer!

Since Blockland Mods 1.6.
Haha i started on 1.4

I win :D