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I love bridges.

Something about them. They're shweet.
I seriously think more bridge building contests should be about
architecture, not cost, even if that is a more real-life concern.

These are what I call "optimized", meaning that if any single member was thinner (that is, any less expensive), it would collapse.

The suspension bridge with exaggerated displacements enabled:

West Point Bridge Designer 2007 is free.
I don't think they're holding any more contests, but it's an awesome program, even if it's a tad out-dated looking.
You can get it here.

Feel free to post your own fancy bridges.

Haha, thanks for sharing.
I'm kinda into bridges, this might be pretty fun to use. :D

i remember using this in tech ed last year :O

My friend made a cool one that when it collapsed, it made a Darth Vader looking face.

I used this in school last year. I tried to recreate Badspot's pontifex level one solution, but realized that this does not have a complex physics system. So I made a few modifications, and actually got the outrageously asymmetrical design to hold up.

I also tried to make the cheapest working design possible. I forgot how cheap I got it, though. It's on my flash drive somewhere.

"Are Bridges and Army Strong" Then Use a mac dumbass!

I made a bridge that was in the shape of a penis hanging down on the bottom (was on two highest hills) and teacher came by and looked at it for a second, then walked away, lol.

Oh lord! ITS MS PAINT! RUNNNNN!!!!!!!

i remember using this in tech ed last year :O

I used it also. It was fun.

Someone made their truck jump. :o

Oh lord! ITS MS PAINT! RUNNNNN!!!!!!!
You obviously don't like engineering.

The "Ten Million Dollar Bridge" :cookieMonster:

It lives up to its name, but makes up for the cost by not moving at all when the truck drives on it, and it's strong as hell. No accidents. :D

I'm more interested in those pylons in the back.
They're shweet.

I prefer pontifix 2 but this is better for just screwing around.