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Eigth Grade Juinior High :D

Monday's Schedule

1= Advanced Band
2= Algrebra 1
3= PE
4= English Enriched
5= Science (Chemsitry)
6= U.S. History
My schedule rotates so on tuesday it would be 1,3,4,5,6,2
wednesday: 1,4,5,6,2,3
etc, etc.
friday: 1,6,2,3,4,5

Depending on what day it is, you lunch will either be first or second. My lunch schedule is    first     first   second  second first
_____________________________ _____________________________ _________________Mon^Tues^ Wed^ Thurs^     Fri^
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WTF?  Don't most have 9 periods?
1.  Religion
2.  Spanish
3.  World History
4.  Lunch
5/6.  English
7.  Geometry
8.  Study Hall
9.  Earth Science
(Yes Catholic High School)

At the moment i have

1. Digital Media
2. Algebra II
3. American History
4. Advanced Drawing
5. English 11.

1. ThemePark Engineering
2. Adv. Science
3. Adv. Some sort of reading.
4. Adv. World Geo.
5. Adv. Another sort of reading.
6. Speech And Debate. (loving fat whore hates me)
7. Adv. Math
8. Spanish (Even though I already write and talk in Spanish.)

1. AP English 12
2. Biology 2
3. Astronomy
4. Weight Training
5. AP Calculus

1. ThemePark Engineering


1) Art I
2) Geometry 11
3) English 9
4) Lunch
5) Advisory/AA
6) Microsoft Office/Video Production

There's no technology related classes in our school. :<  Closest one to that is Industrial Problem Solving :c

Explain what happens in this class.

They sacrifice younger children to a golden cow which they bow to each morning as they recite the "Pledge of Obama".  :cookieMonster:

They always argue about religion and other affairs.

Ohmy. Maybe they should consider divorcing? Or do they just love each other too much?

0: Earth Science
1st: Global
2nd: Drama
3rd: English
4th: Algebra
5th: P.E. (Monday/Wednesday), D.E.A.R. (Tues/Fri), Earth Science (Thurs)
6th: Chinese
7th: Lunch
8th: Academy (Mon-Thurs, it's like Advisory with only 10 people)

1. AP Physics
2. P.E.
3. Cons. Econ.
4. Lunch
5. AP Psychology
6. Forensics
7. Brit. Lit.
8. AP World