Author Topic: Mountains of Excalibur *GET V.2 NOW!*  (Read 32755 times)

Its pretty good just make sure next time to include a few more flat building areas.

Other than that its one stunning landscape.

This map is really just based on trying to make it look nice

The point was to look pretty, not to make it perfect for building, that's reserved for the next map.

I'd give this an 8/10. It's not perfect, but definately better than the majority of maps out there.

And, thanks.

nice but is there a mac download? T.T

p.s.  :cookie::nes: + :panda::cookieMonster: :iceCream:

Off Topic: Are you really that stupid?

On Topic: Good map, realistic shadows, terrain, and textures oh my!

Awesome. I might use this for medieval RPGs and such.

Wow very nice.The graphics are amazing

Fantastic for my movie! :D

It doesnt look that much different from v1 but it actually looks awesome like the endor on starwars battlefront



My favorite all purpose map so far.