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This was great help, thanks again Goodspot.  :cookieMonster:

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Kids: Don't ask your parents, just try it when they're not home.

I lul'd. Ha... classic...

I have missing bodies on blockland lol that helps though  :cookieMonster:

I cant because when you look at what type the thing is..... it says n/a, so what is it???

The ram is the best thing about my computer (other than the user)

I used to run one thing at a time, now I just run everything at once.  What I really got it for though is to open huge photoshop files.  (of boobs)

(-_-)nice dude *sigh*

It's from all those torque %variables
That's what I hate about Torque... all the % stuff.
And PHP... the "$" stuff.

Lol I wonder how many people bumped a sticky... lets see ere' 1 3 9.. wait a minute.. I think this is a great tut.

I tried to update my drivers following the instructions, but my computer can't identify any of my drivers so I don't know which ones to update. I tried a lot of online tools for finding drivers and none of them can find my video drivers.

I like bumping stickies :D

I have (last time I checked) 3 gigs of RAM